Meet the Team


Scott Davis: 760-715-7505 (Lead marketing executive and Lead Sales Representative)

Sean Weber. 866-931-9506. (Lead marketing executive)

Sean has been operating cranes for 16 years and, in 2004, he began buying and selling plush to supplement his existing routes. Soon, the plush business took on a life of its own. Sean became the proud co-owner and founder of Discount Plush. He has exhibited at ASI and AMOA and continues to work closely with his employees and customers to grow and nurture his business. Though Sean was born in Peoria, Illinois, he considers himself an Arizona native, having lived in the Grand Canyon State since the age of two.

Chris Davis: 909-207-5812 (Sales Representative)

Mark Huggett. 480-947-3431 (Sales Representative)

As a Sales Consultant for Discount Plush since 2009, Mark has an extensive background in the amusement industry, with 20 years experience as a route owner/operator. Mark extends his deepest gratitude to the hundreds of customers he currently does business with at Discount Plush, and his warmest welcome invitation to those who are thinking of establishing a business relationship with Discount Plush. Contact Mark with questions or to make a purchase! His direct line is 480-947-3431, or send him an email at


Jaden Gray. (Ecommerce and website development specialist)

New to the amusement industry, Jaden has immersed himself in the ecommerce advertising world with a growing interest in the plush toys market. He manages our website, social media and ecommerce platforms so we can stay up to date with all the new trends and our customers are able to stay ahead of their competition!

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