My Little Pony Plush (Jumbo)

Toys/Games Plush


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JUMBO 11-13" (FULL CASE) (120 PCS): $5.70/EA DELIVERED

30 Rainbow Dash, 26 Pinkie Pie, 26 Twighlight Sparkle, 10 Fluttershy, 10 Applie Jack, 8 Spike, 10 Rarity

JUMBO 11-13" (1/2 CASE) (60 PCS): $6.20/EA DELIVERED

15 Rainbow Dash, 13 Pinkie Pie, 13 Twighlight Sparkle, 5 Fluttershy, 5 Applie Jack, 4 Spike, 5 Rarity 


 These products can only be sold into the amusement industry. If you are not this type of business, and you purchase this product, you will be charged a 6% return/restocking fee. Thank you for your understanding.

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